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32. Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs by Byron Barton

Bibliographic Citation:
Barton, Byron. Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs. New York, NY: HarperTrophy, 1989. 40 p. ISBN 978-0064432986.

Awards/Selection Lists:

Format Examined:

Colorful illustrations accompany a story that helps the reader and listener imagine what dinosaurs looked like, and how they might have lived long ago. 

Personal Reaction:
This book's color and subject matter make it a book that dinosaur-loving children choose again and again. Children are invited to imagine what dinosaurs were like. Dinosaur types are represented through the illustrations, inviting children to identify them each by name.

Age Recommendation:
I would recommend this book for children 3-7 years of age.

Dinosaur identification and history

Early Literacy Skill Value:

Letter Knowledge
Letter knowledge is not a direct focus of this book.

Narrative Skills: 
Colorful illustrations encourage children to take part in naming the dinosaurs on the page as the story is read.

Phonological Awareness: 

Phonological awareness is not a direct focus of this book.

Print Awareness:

The text of the story is in a large, simple font that describes the illustrations on the page. The color of the font is changed on darker pages where the print may be difficult to see otherwise.

Print Motivation: 

Dinosaurs and their descriptions make this a fun book for children who love dinosaurs.

Words that describe what dinosaurs might have looked like, and how they lived, are used throughout this book.

Author/ Illustrator Website:
No official author website

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